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Welcome to Ania’s Poland

Ania’s Poland is a London based company offering a comprehensive range of services to Polish migrant population in London and the UK and also to British businesses who are interested in employing Polish immigrants. We provide recruitment services, translation and interpreting services, assistance for Poles in finding rental accommodation in Britain, we offer advice on a vast number of subjects ranging from professional CV writing to applying for a local school place.

Ania’s Poland also works closely with British media and has in the past contributed greatly to highlighting a range of issues which affect Polish communities across the UK.

Our website, aniaspoland.com, serves as an in-depth source of information on all aspects of life of Polish communities in the UK. It contains, among other things, a comprehensive directory of Polish companies, institutions, community centres and cultural and social organisations for Poles in the UK. It is not surprising that our website is extremely popular among Poles in the UK and those still in Poland who research their move to the UK.

Founded in 1999 Ania’s Poland started as a facilitator company assisting UK businesses in their dealings with Poland and vice versa. While this is still an important function, Ania’s Poland is now a fast growing provider of Polish workforce to the UK markets, offering a wide range of recruitment services to clients of all sizes. This has now grown to be our core business and we have broadened our services through diversification into new markets including healthcare, industry and construction.


Ania’s Poland specialises in both permanent and short-term temporary assignments, our search and selection managed services are designed to ensure that the right candidate gets the right job. Our bespoke services ensure that both employer and employee are satisfied with their position and that the employer has received a good new member of staff with minimal fuss allowing them to concentrate on their core business and not be distracted by placing ads, reading CV’s, interviewing and searching for the right candidate.
Please visit our Recruitment Services page for more details about this service.


Ania’s Poland is a very popular website among Polish community in the UK. Which makes us a very attractive site for any company wanting to run a successful online campaign targetting Polish imigrant community in the UK. Please contact us to discuss our advertising options with us in details.

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