Press and Media

Ania Heasley is a well known specialist on Poles in the UK and has appeared in numerous articles and news programs discussing various issues relating to Polish people who have immigrated to the UK as well as general European immigration discussions.

She has consulted and advised a number of companies as well as media groups on various issues such as employment, benefits, culture and events.

Below are a few examples of Ania’s press appearances

ITV News at 10 – 14th June 2010

A short excerpt of Ania’s discussion on reducing government spending with a particular emphasis on scrapping child benefit for better off families that appeared in the ITV News at 10.

Ania Heasley - ITV News at 10

Recession takes toll on job agencies – Financial Times, 12 April 2009

Britain pays child benefit to children living abroad – Sunday Telegraph, 1 November 2009

Polish Doctors in Britain – Our Medical Common Market – British Medical Journal 02 February 2008

As the Poles Get Richer, Fewer Seek British Jobs – New York Times, 19 October 2007

Multiracial Britain Confuses Poles – Observer, 15 April 2007

Invasion by Poles Hits ‘Lazy’ Britain – Sunday Times, 14 April 2007

UK has become destination for ‘feckless’ Poles –, 7 November 2006

Poles? They make terrible waiters, says celebrity chef -Independent, 11 May 2006

Come back and help us, Poland begs its people – Observer, 7 May 2006

Britain’s popularity in central Europe is a political windfall – The Economist, 14 July 2005

Here to Stay? – BBC News, 16 June 2005

Doctors go west in Polish brain drain – Observer, 15 May 2005

The UK’s New Workers Take Stock – BBC News, 27 April 2005