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For low fees recruitment of temporary and permanent staff in a wide variety of industries you would be hard pressed to beat Ania’s Poland. Servicing both recruitment agencies and employers directly Ania’s Poland supplies quality staff at budget rates.

Construction workers: labourers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians or even small teams.
Factory workers: skilled and unskilled, machinists and more
Cleaners: Domestic and office cleaners
+ almost anybody else from butchers to doctors. Please call or email Ania now to find out more about our services:

Tel: 07932741060

Ania’s Poland recruitment offers a wide range of services and covers many industries and a large number of skills. We do however focus on supplying skilled workers from Poland to areas of British economy where the skill is in demand due to a short supply. Our main areas we focus on are: Caring and nursing, construction, manufacturing, logistics and domestic.

However, we can target any specific professional group on request. We aim to save you time and money by eliminating the hiring process of writing and placing an ad, which may result in a few or hundreds of responses. Sorting through this to find the right candidate, attempting to contact them and arranging a preliminary telephone interview and then conducting that interview will take a lot of time and effort and therefore money. We can do all this for you while you concentrate on your main business activities.
Ania’s Poland will find the right candidate for you with a minimum of fuss, saving you time and money in the process.

We pride ourselves on the responsive individual service we can offer you, whether you’re an individual looking for a care worker or a manufacturer looking for 20 people skilled in various professions, we can help. What we don’t do is inundate you with numerous CV’s but rather we sift through our database and actively search for the right candidate to fit the role, sometimes this involves using our extensive contacts or selective advertising both in the UK and in Poland.

We will discuss the position, location and benefits with the candidate before even contemplating forwarding him on for an interview with you. This is to ensure that the potential candidate is well aware of where they are going and to do what and that they are happy doing this. Being small allows us to be focused on what we do ensuring that both Employer and Employee are happy with the arrangement. We offer advice to both the Employer on employment rules and assist the Employee with details such as moving, accommodation, bank accounts etc.

To see if we can be of assistance please contact us with your requirements, if contacting us by email please state the following:
• Position
• Duties/Job Description
• Length of employment
• Location
• Salary
• Any additional relevant information about the position

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