Ekipa murarska do wylewek podlogowych

Posted 8 months ago
Ekipa murarska do wylewek podłogowych
Zespoly 3 osobowe do wylewek podlogowych. Praca z pompami Putzmiester i Brinkmann.
Co najmniej 5 lat doswiadczenia.
Dlugie zlecenia w Londynie, Kent, Essex, Eastbourne i Oxford.
Zarobki zalezne od metrazu.
500m2 na tydzien.
£2000 na tydzien dla zespolu.
 Prosze o kontakt na email: info@aniaspoland.com

Job Description:
A team of 3 people, laying sand and cement screed to the required standard. Minimum of 5 years’ experience. Will be working with Screed pumps such as Putzmiester and Brinkmann. There will be long runs of work within the UK such as London, Kent, Essex, Eastbourne and Oxford. There will be jobs that also require laying and installing insulation to the floors before screeding takes place.
Wages are dependent on the amount of m2 laid. Salary – Price work for the industry standard 500m2 per week will be available for the team this equates to £2000 per week for the team.
Level of English: Basic -good English.
Prosze o kontakt na email: info@aniaspoland.com

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Job CategoryBudowlane, Construction, English, Polski

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